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Surfer’s Medical Kit

No matter how good your knowledge and skills are, you can not help properly without proper tools.

A common problem with most kits available is that they are not tailored for surfers and other watermen & women. A good surfer’s first aid kit starts with a waterproof, easy to handle, adaptable container that protects the content from the elements. The kit should contain the basic things you need to attend to all sorts of minor injuries and illnesses that might occur during a surf trip. After extensive market research we could not find a single medical kit out there meeting these demands. This is why the GSA has developed the Surfer’s Medical Kit.

The Surfer’s Medical Kit by the GSA represents the unique combination of surfing life experience and professional expertise in remote environment medicine. The kit and its’ contents are the tried and tested professional-grade materials that surfing doctors use in their everyday lives whether that’s supporting athletes at contest events, leading medical care on expedition, or responding on the frontline with Emergency Medical Services.

The first batch of the Surfer’s Medical Kit is already sold out – the second batch is backordered.

Get your name one of the kits form the second batch, leave your details below:


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