Surf First Aid

The first and only surfing app designed to “Keep the Surfer Healthy and Safe”.

The SURF FIRST AID app was specifically developed to help surfers and watersports enthusiasts keep themselves and others healthy and safe. We believe that nobody should die in conditions where prevention and first aid could have been the difference between life and death.

The app gives every waterman and woman the possibility to learn about different aspects of surf-relevant first aid and safety topics, take multiple quizzes and learn on the go, and provide rapid access to local emergency numbers around the globe for the travelling surfer.

We want to build a strong global community of surfing first responders, ultimately making the ocean, beaches and reefs worldwide a safer for everyone.

Together we can achieve this goal!


Brought to you by passionate surfers, medical doctors & allied health professionals, supported by the world’s largest network in Surfing Medicine.


About surf-relevant first aid & safety, ranging from topics like CPR basics and drowning prevention, to marine bites & stings (e.g. stingrays, sharks, jellyfish, etc.) as well as drowning prevention, beach flags, hand signals, drowning resuscitation, to name but a few topics.


Take a quiz (5 different categories). Have fun & easily learn on the go. Want more challenges or your question to be answered? Just let us know!


Go through the most simple to use, yet most versatile, interactive emergency algorithm out there guiding you through over 40 different emergency pathways.


You like travelling? Access and call phone numbers of emergency services worldwide. Even without data plan abroad.


The app is developed around the concept on being offline, so you have all content available at any time, also when you are abroad without a data plan or when you are on a remote beach without cell reception. To realize this we disabled automated GPS based search and streaming services.


Help us help YOU and improve the ‘Surf First Aid’ app for everyone. We’d love to hear all of your ideas & feedback. Maybe you have a topic you want to find in the learning section? Let us know:


This application (app) and its content are intended for educational purposes only. The informations are not designed to, and does not substitute for medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. You, the user, are solely responsible by phone calls you make, resulting costs and consequnces emerging from your calls. By using, downloading and/or purchasing this you agree to the app’s full Legal Disclaimer which can be found and and read in full here:


The Surf First Aid app is available now for iPhone/iOS (Apple AppStore) and Android (Google Play Store).

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