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Everything special on global scale in surfing is unified in the GSA, bringing stoke, science and true dedication to the world of surfing. We are surfers working and developing for surfers. Our products are keeping the surfer healthy and safe, cool, protected and effective.

The Global Surf Alliance is the only commercial surf company on this planet, designed and led to solemnly develop the sport and support the surfer. Our direct scientific cooperation with Surfing Medicine International is the guarantor for evidence-based products really protecting the surfer.

GSA is not about selling, it’s about sharing. Focused on life, friendship, love and science we are the soul of surfing. Created to make your surfing experience unique and endless.

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The GSA designs unique and innovative products related to surfing, and provides consultancy on health issues linked to surfing.

Built on Science

The GSA has a network of the world’s best medical experts that can change your product line forever. We lead the development of innovative products driven by expertise.

Healthy & safe!

The GSA is defining the future of innovation of the surf sport, and health-related products to inspire people to live healthy and safe.

Welcome to the big wave. Welcome to the GSA.

The first and only surfing app designed to “Keep the Surfer Healthy and Safe”.
The Surf First Aid app was developed to help surfers and watersports enthusiasts keep themselves and others healthy and safe. We believe that nobody should die in conditions where first aid could have been the difference between life and death.
The app gives you the possibility to learn about different aspects of surf-relevant first aid, take an entertaining and informative quiz to test and further improve your knowledge, and provide rapid access to local emergency numbers around the globe for the travelling surfer.
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